A message from the UCU

Dear colleague,
So far this week, people are joining UCU at three times the normal rate so they can take strike action for fair pay alongside colleagues this coming Thursday 31 October.
If you want to join and take part in the strike, it’s easy. Just click here:
Thank you for reading this email.

Matt Waddup
UCU National Head of Campaigns


At City University (in spite of many members leaving due to the dreadful PSR job cuts and downgrading) membership continues to rise to a new high and last week saw the largest number of new members we can recall. The tide is turning, make sure you join today and join the action tomorrow.

If you have any problems with the link above just – search engine Join UCU

There will be picket lines on every major entrance to the University. Volunteer for picket lines on


Best wishes,


Keith Simpson

UCU City University President