City joins University of London

As City joined the University of London, the UCU leafletted the launch event to remind staff that our accession should bring benefits for employees as well as students. Over the coming months we will be continuing to ask the same questions that we have been posing:

  • What are City’s plans for central and professional services?
  • Should staff be worried about centralisation, mergers or restructures?
  • What are the real benefits of accession to the University of London, for students and staff?

There are any number of comparisons to be made between terms and conditions at City and at other University of London institutions. The UCU branch wants to work with management and HR to ensure our staff get the best possible deal as a result of the accession. In this leaflet, we outlined some places where we can start. Do you know of any other areas we could be working with City management on?

University of London leaflet