Strike Information! Timeline for action and key dates

We will be holding a final pre-action Branch meeting on:

Thursday 21st November


AG22 (College Building)

Please attend if at all possible to discuss the strike and finalise preparations for the commencement of our action.


Make sure you that on Monday, 25th November, Day One of our action you join us from 7.30 am on the picket lines across City’s campus from Bunhill Row (Cass) to Northampton Square and on to Gray’s Inn Place (Law). Let’s show City’s Executive that once again CityUCU members mean business.




Before the Strike:

Read the National and CityUCU FAQs.

Meet with others in your Group or Department and work out ways to act collectively. If you identify any issues about which you have concerns or are confused let us know. It will be especially important to communicate consistently with students.

Use our slides to inform your students that you will be taking strike action, and why – click here to download the slides.. Some students won’t know what a Trade Union, or a strike is. Explain these and why we are taking action and provide personal experiences if you want, about why you are participating.

Sign up to our WhatsApp group to keep up to date with information during the strike. To join email your name and phone number to

Let us know if you want to organise a teach-out or picket line. On different days we will be focusing on the different themes that make up our claims, including casualization, the gender pay gap, workload, pay and pensions. If you have an idea about how to develop protest materials around any one of these, let us know.

Remember to turn your out of office on at the end of your last working day of the week. We’ll send some suggested wording.


During the Strike

We will have pickets at each entrance to the University (setting up from 7.30am, with pickets from 8am to 12 noon). If you work in a particular building and would like to picket that building with colleagues, let us know. Otherwise just turn up to College Building and we’ll suggest a place for you to go.

Join us for a solidarity rally most lunchtimes during the strike in Northampton Square at 12.30pm.

We plan to have lunchtime meetings 1-2pm most strikedays. We’re still locating a venue and will confirm details once we do.

The most up-to-date information on actions will be communicated via WhatsApp and in person at the picket line. We will also send update emails periodically, but obviously this is hard to do while we’re all picketing!

There will be some London-wide actions that will bring us together with members from other striking branches. More to follow on this – please keep an eye on emails, twitter, and whatsapp.


After the strike

Unless anything changes we will be participating in Action Short of a Strike (ASOS). That means working to contract and not doing voluntary work, not rescheduling, nor covering the work of colleagues.

When you are asked, please provide information about the days you have been on strike. If there are any pressures put on you with respect to participating in legally sanctioned strike action, please let us know immediately.